I was born in Tricesimo, near Udine, in 1956. I graduated in trombone in 1981 at the Conservatory J.Tomadini in Udine. I presently teach Musical Education at Secondary School.

The beginning of my career in the choral field is strictly linked to the indispensable teaching of choir master  Bepi De Marzi and to the voices of my choir “Vôs de mont”, which I founded in 1978 in order to perform original tracks, whose words and music  I am also composer of.

The lyrics of my compositions have ever since found  expressive light from the colours of the earth and from the history of the region Friuli, without being necessarily bound to the use of the local language.
My music is inspired by the tradition of famous composers’ folk songs, a sort of ethnic polyphony where melody and harmonization, though using an accessible language, constantly search for the potentialities and colours of the human voice.
My songs reveal themselves as clear mirrors of  the soul and that is why they have obtained a wide acknowledgement in a lot of Italian and foreign choirs’ repertoires.

In 2000, together with some keen friends, I gave birth to the ten-some group of brass players "Brassevonde".
This experience has been offering me the possibility to widen the repertoire of arrangements and compositions both for my group and for several other instrumental ensembles.

In 2015 the pianist Paolo Chiarandini gave a new interpretation to some of my songs with some original piano versions collected in a CD entitled "Anime e lune” (Souls and moons).

In this site you can find most of my musical production.

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